Friday, May 09, 2014


Now I bike to work everyday. I haven't bike since I was 7-8 years old, so basically I know nothing about bicycle maintenance. 
I always think I am just a slow biker... I get exhausted from even just a small uphill slope. 
Until one day I went to tune up my bike! With the tires pump up and everything, I feel like I can fly (with the wind)! Well, it just I can bike a bit easier and smoother in general. 
Yay, always learning something new everyday. (at least not being too dumb)

By the way, these two gif are done in TVPaint, another software which I am slowly learning along side with my first macbook.  TVP is very different from FLASH, photoshop or Maya. I do have some animation test ideas that I want to do. I figure it would be better if I begin with something very simple, get familiar with the software and interface before jumping into the deep ocean. 
I am slowly going my way (at least I am moving forward!! hopefully)  

Though I can't promise when to post it though, as a crazy crunch storm is just around the corner!!
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