Monday, May 06, 2013

I miss drawing

Sorry for the lack of update. I was doing iAnimate in the past three months, have been working with maya day and night, 7 days/wk. I missed drawing badly!!
I often have to fight in head either to ANIMATE or DRAW after work/on weekends.  They are definitely the two areas I would like to work on the most.
I have been reading a lot lately, I really need to stop posting too much random sketches, but really dig deeper on what I would like to create for myself as an artist. Writing it out in words here can remind me on what I need to work on to make it to the next level.
(but the rest of this post is still random life drawings :P )

First of all, great news!! Toronto School of Arts is BACK on again!!
Just found out about it last week on Facebook, and I went to their very first open life drawing as my way to support. Though it is even further away from my place (Dufferin / Bloor), I have to go downtown that evening anyways, so it worked out perfectly. At least it is right beside the subway station so I don't have to get frustrated with the streetcars.
 Though they only do nudes, but I love to listen to my own music while life drawing. It was my time which I can really relax and enjoy myself :D

Secondly, Toons on Tap is another thing I missed while doing iAnimate.
The sessions had switched to Tuesday night which overlapped with my class time, so there was no way I could make it for 14 weeks. Costumes are FUN to draw!
This session was Venom, which I am not familiar of. Just did a quick google before the session, only know that he is a villain from Spiderman. Annnd, by the amount of drawings I posted, you can see that I'm not good at drawing guys/monster. ('cause the rest are crap :P)

Plus four colored versions of toons on tap sketches I did for their art show earlier.
Animation School
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