Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Paris Trip: Day 1

Sorry for the lack of updates lately.

I went to Paris for three weeks in July for the Gobelins Summer School.
(Now I am back from the trip, and back to the busy working + studying schedule. I will post photos and sketches in the trip whenever I find the time. I apologize in advanced for a slow update.)

Honestly, I've never expect I can go to Paris AND Gobelins in my entire life! I couldn't wait to visit all the art museums there, see all the master paintings that I studied long time ago, and able to learn character animation from the Gobelins teachers!
I was super excited! =)

Very nice weather at Pearson Airport!

Oh my god!! I still couldn't believe I'm going to PARIS!!!

DAY 1:

Went to Louvre to get my Carte Louvre Jeunes on my first day!!
Did a quick walk to one small section of the Museum.
(This was the first art museum I've ever been that allowed photographs (no Flash))

I was exploring the museum on my own...

Of course I have to try the gelato here!

to be continued...
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