Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Gobelins Summer School 2011

These were the two assignments that I did while I attended the Gobelins Summer School 2011. I learned a lot from the teachers and classmates from all sorts of backgrounds and countries!! The whole 2-week program was like an animation boot camp where everyone sketches, draws and talks about animation all the time!
Though they weren't my best animation, but I had a lot fun working on them.

The first one is a female walk cycle, done in traditional paper and pencil. I am used to animate in 3D nowadays that it took me a while to remember how to draw the keys. (I couldn't animate in layers with paper)

This is a limited animation assignment. First I thought it was "limited" in the way like flash cut out animation, but this limitation also applied to the time period: we only had 3 days to work on it. Again, I'm so used to animate all the little details and track every single arcs in 3D animation that I couldn't go back to cut-out animation anymore. As a result, I only ended up with an animatics.
This assignment is excellent for me to learn how important it is to animation efficiently and clearly in a limited time. I tried to do it with a "stick figure-like" character to let myself work faster, but still.... =P
Topic: when happens if a girl sees a handle drops in the subway train...

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