Saturday, June 25, 2011

sketch + Mad Hat Wonderland

From what I see while I sketched, most of the Asians never have their cells off their hands! (am I one of the very few exceptions out there?)
No matter they are eating lunch, meeting up with friends, waiting for anything, they always have their phones in hand. We become so depend on computers/technologies that we will FREAK OUT when the system is down! (At the bbt place, the waitress ran to each table to write down their orders + bills again)
It's good that I always have a sketchbook and pen with me so all my notes are always safe. =)

I couldn't get the discounted ticket for National Ballet of Canada's Alice in Wonderland, so I went to their Mad Hat Wonderland Gala. The show was great (love the Cheshire Cat sequence; the Red Queen costume looks very funny!); we also had free food/drink and got to see a lot of beautiful hats!

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Ace said...

hi Kitty
My name is Ace and I am from Hong Kong.
I love your artworks so much and I am pleased when I look at those works and I think you are a hard-working person.
I love drawing too, but I am quite confused because I still can't find my own style on art.
I know you know Chinese. Maybe we can chat in Chinese language soon. ;D

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