Monday, June 06, 2011

random + food sketches

Sorry for the late post of sketches.
I will be busy house-cleaning for the next week or so...
plus studying French, art history or even a bit history of Paris before heading Paris at the end of the month!!
OMG! I still can't believe I'm going to PARIS!!! I am going to attend Gobelins Animation Summer School for 2 weeks (on top of class 5 of Animation Mentor =D, hopefully I can handle both of them at the same time...)
I borrowed audio books from the library to study French again (which I threw them back to the teacher 11 years ago); and art history notes which I studied 8-10 years ago... Though I used to think art history is boring, but if you know you are going to the Museum and really see the painting in person, you start to find interest in knowing the story behind the art piece. (Just like how we connect to the character in a movie more if we know the history of the character)

I will take tons of photos and draw lots of sketches there!!! Super excited for the trip! (I can't wait to eat the French bakeries, pastries and crepes! <--need to climb the Eiffel tower everyday to burn them off =P)

Sketch wise, I went back to pencil for a bit. It's nice to make mistakes in lines and refine the pose/silhouette/shapes more! but on top of my poor scanner, it doesn't really turn great on the computer. I might switch back to pen soon.


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