Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Taiwan Kadokawa 3rd Light Novel & Illustration Contest

Last September I entered for the Taiwan Kadokawa 3rd Light Novel & Illustration Contest again. Last time I knew I need to work on my b/w toning, so I spent quite a long time on themthis time; however, I believe it is the color ones that suffered. Obviously I lost again. (as expected =P ) I don't even want to look at my crappy color illustration anymore... I should have combined my color illustrations from last year(2009), plus the b/w illustrations from this year(2010).

Though they haven't announced the winners, but I didn't make it to the top 4, so I can finally post them up online.

Hopefully next year(2011) I would have a balance with the color and the b/w ones. >x<

Original story inspired by Bakuman's "Hideout Door"

Fanart from light novel Full Metal Panic


風祭 將SHO said...


milfia said...

halo...唔知道你記唔記得我...不過想了解多一d 呀...係邊度可以學到character design, 如果學左character design 可以做到邊d 相關既工作架? 其實我本身係讀media, 識用一d 基本既software...不過我而加想做一d 插圖 or animation 既工作...但係就唔知道要點樣起步...可否給我多d 指引同意見呢? 謝謝你呀...

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