Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tangled Fanart - Flower

done in an hour


fia said...

halo...i love your work...
how many years have you studied in art? i really hope that i can draw the work as same as you....=[

Anonymous said...

Dear Kitty,

How are you? I'm your Daddy's friend Uncle Allen, Kenny send me your link, I reviewed, all of your job are nice, later on, my assistance Charles will going to send you one of our Co online Games for you to play and comments, keep in touch.



Anonymous said...

I find your page for casuality, i´m a designer and the animation are my life, your style are amazing, fresh and full of life, in my case, i don´t have a time for the animation, but for you, is time a big project, a animation movie, short film or similar goal.
I´m glad see your work and i wait see your own animation movie very soon (maybe a short movie or similar, for now, do it)

Animation School
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