Monday, December 06, 2010

I'm back =D

Two weeks ago, I went to CTN Animation Expo in Burbank, then visited San Francisco for a week. It was a very inspiring trip! The greatest highlight of the trip was able to visit Disney Animation Studio in Burbank!! (My mentor from Animation Mentor works at Disney Studio =D) I also visited a lot of museums and galleries in SF: Pixar exhibition at Oakland Museum, Disney Family Museum, Japanese Tea Gallery, California Academy of Science, Modern Arts Museum, Cartoon Arts Museum... It was great to have a "art/animation-related" field trip =D
I will put up some photos and artbooks that I got in the trip later.
I guess my only regret is didn't get a chance to visit Pixar studio (not even the front gate)... I might just keep Pixar studio in my fantasy in the moment. Someday, I would get there with my own hands!

This life drawing session was before I went to the trip, probably 3-4 wks ago.

I just love Dr. Sketchy! Drawing costume always feels better than nude people. This one is from today (last night).

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revenant said...

hey, just stumbled here. I like your life drawings. Do you have more detailed info about open life drawing at seneca@york? I'd love to drop by and get some practice.

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