Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Season Holidays!

Animated in Flash CS3 (in a week)
Lesson learned from working on this clip:
-doing in-betweens are annoying... clean up drawings are SUPER annoying! (side effects from animating with computer all the time)
-I was trying to keep the story and character simple, but still took a long time/effort to do
-an idea for 10-15sec animation ALWAYS turned out (at least) double the time length
-should start planning and working on the shot in Nov instead of Dec! (sorry for not able to do all inbetweens and coloring >x<)

-I still LOVE Animating!! either hand-drawn, FLASH or Maya!


milfia said...

halo..i love your animation...
i am interested in it, can u tell me where do you learn animation or drawing? thanks a lot!!

Kitty said...

Hi Milfia, I learned hand-drawn animation at Sheridan college, Canada; I learned Flash and ToomBoom from work. Currently I'm attending Animation Mentor (an online animation school) for Maya.
Animation Mentor is a great place to learn character animation, even for beginners!! also provide similar program. You can google them for more information! There are also a lot of animation books on animation principles that you should definitely check out!

Anonymous said...

so much talent! good luck with AM :)

Animation School
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