Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stu poses from class 1

Just finish term1 of Animation Mentor.
Basically it was a review of 12 principals of animation for me, and a chance for me to get back to Maya. I still can't really do much modeling or lighting, but I start to have a hang on "seeing" the animation in 3D space.

These are different emotion sketches and the poses based on the character, stu.
(Well, I guess you can find tons of the same assignments on the internet. In a way, I am sorry to say that the class 1's assignments are so overly done that it is very difficult to avoid doing cliches... Hopefully things will get better in the up-coming class.
I can't wait for next term to start!

When one depresses, your body tends to crunch together for self-protection. You have very little energy to move your arms around which limit the variety of poses.

I struggled on the poses more than the animation, I really feel as depress as him...

Physical Strength:

(this was the week when the Manila Bus Hostage Tragedy happened. As someone who was born in Hong Kong, I dedicated the sketches/pose to the all the victims and their family...)


I can only do the basic geometric shapes and maybe play a bit with the vertex in modeling... Please don't expect me to model any great things by the end of the school. I only interest in drawing and animating, I only keep modeling to the minimal... (sorry) =(

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Anonymous said...

Ah! Lifesaver, thank you. I've been looking for something like this for a while. If possible, can you continue this? Thank you so, so much!! :D

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