Friday, September 24, 2010

life drawing @ Seneca

I was so busy with school work, studio work and family issue for the past few weeks... plus the illustration contest from Taiwan that I FINALLY finished working on! I finally have some free time to myself.
I just realized even non-Seneca student can go to Seneca @ York for open life drawing!
It is a bit closer than downtown Toronto (for me), and I can go on Mon-Fri evening!! (even at some of the class time if the instructor allows, which is super cool!) I will definitely go more often to keep my hands moving!

Last night was my first night there. It's weird to be surrounded by Seneca students..."
(shh!!! no one knows who this strange Asian girl is...... shhhhh... I am trying to minimize my existence there...)

I will try to post some drawings from every session (if possible) =P

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