Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Childhook Anime Party

I didn't realized I haven't post this illustration up.

I did this back in August, for the contest of Art Director's Dice Tsutsumi's interview at Sketchoholic.com. The topic was your favourite anime when you were a kid.

I grew up surrounded by anime cartoons, I couldn't really choose my most favourite, so I decided to do a party.
It surely brings back a lot of childhood memories while doing this drawing.
See how many anime series can you spot out/recognize?
(You can estimate how old I am by looking at them too.... = =)


turbos said...

Kitty! This is adorable! Plus you get tons of extra bonus points for Totoro!

Lettie Lo said...

haha this is great!!! i recognized a lot of the anime i used to watch too..

Ado Costi said...

So you're about 30, right?

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